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Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver

Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver
Type:Pipeline Cleaning Essential Equipment
Usage:Descaling of Oil, Product Oil, Natural Gas, Coal Gas

Supplier Details

Shenyang Yongye Industry Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Yilin Zhao
Street Address:
No. 81 Yulin Street, Dongling District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China
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Product Description
Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver's Specifications,Features or Performance are as follow :

Pig launcher and pig receiver are the essential process device for pipeline cleaning operation in terms of launching and receiving pipeline cleaning equipment. It consists of quick-opened blind flange, barrel, reducer, support saddle, etc. It could be divided into vertical and horizontal types. The vertical type is mainly used to launch and receive pipeline cleaning pig, and horizontal is for filter and the like.

Technical Parameters:
1. Design Pressure: DN1.6-42.0Mpa
2. Test pressure: Hydraulic pressure is 1.5 times of the design pressure and gas leakage test pressure is the same as the design pressure.
3. Corrosion allowable: 2mm
4. Seismic intensity: 7 deg
5. Applicable medium: Crude oil, finished petroleum oil (gasoline, diesel), natural gas, coal gas, water.

Structure features:
A extension tube is welded to barrel of launcher to balance front and back pressure of cleaning pig when the pig is ready to launch. When the pig is ready to be launch, because of pressure applied upon the pig, which will run towards the spool of check valve or globe valve. Open the valve at this moment will certainly damage the valve spool and cause leakage of valve. The functions of balance extension tube is to keep the pig balance in the launcher prior to the opening of the valve at the end of exit to prevent it from impacting the valve spool.

Structure and parameters of launcher and receiver:
1. Quick opening blind flange
2. Pressure gage connecting tube
3. Relief valve connecting tube
4. Fluid outlet tube
5. Barrel
6. Release valve connecting tube
7. Reducer
8. Extension tube
9. Rear saddle support
10. Drain valve connecting tube
11. Front support

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